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Devil Dash

Devil Dash

Are you brave enough to enter a new geometric realm in Devil Dash, pushing the ultimate boundaries of your inner demon's wrath? Take on the challenge now!

In Devil Dash, players embark on a treacherous journey through a mysterious hell, requiring exceptional improvisational skills to overcome unpredictable and demanding obstacles. This adventure takes you through a series of interconnected worlds.

Your mission in Devil Dash is to navigate a cube character to the finish line, overcoming numerous daunting challenges along the way. The cube character needs your guidance to safely reach its goal, facing hazards like sinkholes and sharp traps. Each collision or fall sends you back to the starting point. What makes this journey particularly challenging is that these obstacles can move unpredictably. Patience is crucial to successfully navigating to the finish line. Sixteen levels of unexpected challenges await your exploration!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to conquer jumps and gravity obstacles. 
  • Prepare to adapt quickly, as each level presents new twists! 
  • Control your movement with the WASD or arrow keys, and jump with the space bar.

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