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Fun Fishing Frenzy

Fun Fishing Frenzy

It's time to show off your fishing skills by grabbing your fishing rod and entering Fun Fishing Frenzy right now! Can you become the person who catches the most fish?

The goal of the game is simple: catch as many fish as possible before the timer reaches zero. The player will move the boat to the appropriate position for fishing by using the buttons in the lower left corner to navigate. . Once you reach the appropriate location, use the buttons in the lower right corner to throw the rope or drop the bomb into the water. Besides, you are responsible for collecting worms, which are essential for fishing. When you run out of worms, you cannot use your fishing line. Sometimes they spawn so try to collect as many as possible.

Pay attention to the clock in the upper right corner, you need to harvest fish before the clock hits 0. You can also collect clocks to extend your time. Also be careful with large sharks that are hindering your fishing. 

How to play:

  • Move boat: Left, right, down arrow keys or A, S, D keys
  • Reset bomb: Spacebar.

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