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Ninja Fishing 2D

Ninja Fishing 2D

Explore the thrilling world of Ninja Fishing, an arcade game that gives fishing a modern, ninja twist. It's an exciting fish-slashing adventure with easy gameplay and gorgeous graphics that you won't want to miss!

Your goal in Ninja Fishing is simple: before the fish fall back into the sea, chop as many of them as you can out of the sky. Watch out—not every shiny object is a fish! There are explosives mixed in with the fish, and you will lose your life if you hit one. Your initial three lives are represented by nets in the top right corner of the screen. Losing a fish's life also comes from allowing it to fall back into the ocean. The game ends when any one of the three lives is gone. In Ninja Fishing, the catch of the day is just a swipe away, so be ready to slash and dash!

How To Play

  • To slash them, click and drag the mouse pointer to the spot where the fish appear.
  • To save your lives, do not cut the booms.

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