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Fish Eat Getting Big

Fish Eat Getting Big

Dive into the ocean of limitless possibilities in Fish Eat Getting Big, a fascinating survival game in which you play as a little fish vying to become the ocean's top predator. Navigate through a vivid undersea environment full of chances and perils. Eat lesser fish to grow bigger and stronger, but be wary of hiding ghosts and explosives that could terminate your adventure prematurely.

As one of the ocean's smallest creatures, your quest begins with devouring fish lower on the food chain. With each bite, your fish grows, allowing you to swallow larger prey and move up the ranks. However, be cautious—attacking fish larger than you will make you someone else's lunch. Occasionally, deep water monsters will arise, forcing you to swim away to safety.

By constantly eating and developing, your tiny fish will transform into a ferocious ocean storm. For added enjoyment, click the fish icon at the top of the screen to invite new players and share the screen and controls while hunting. Collect relevant supplies for multiplayer combat and compete to see who has the best survival abilities!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to navigate and play the game.

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Embark on this exciting underwater adventure and eat your way to the top of the food chain in Fish Eat Getting Big!

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