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Ninja Fishing

Ninja Fishing

Experience fishing in an entirely new and exciting way with Ninja Fishing, an arcade game that blends straightforward gameplay with breathtaking graphics. 

In Ninja Fishing, your mission is clear: you need to slash fish out of the air before they fall back into the water. The skies are teeming with colorful fish of various sizes, all leaping out of the water. But be on guard—amidst the lively fish, there are perilous bombs you must avoid. Striking a bomb will cost you one of your lives. You begin the game with three lives, which are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. For every fish that manages to return to the water, you will also lose a life. When all three lives are depleted, the game concludes.

How To Play

  • To slice through fish as they jump out of the water, simply click and drag the mouse cursor to the location of the fish. Precision and speed are key to maximizing your score and avoiding the bombs.

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