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Bike Racing

Bike Racing

Bike Racing is the ultimate driving game on dangerous roads in different locations. Players will control a character driving a vehicle to make the journey. You need to give continuous maneuver commands to keep the main character balanced. With Bike Racing, you can choose the type of vehicle you want by collecting stars and buying them in the game's home store.

Bike Racing has 30 levels, divided equally into three main modes that are unlocked one after another: Mountains, Winter, and Desert. Players need to complete each level and mode to unlock the following level and mode experience.

Driving in the terrain

The special terrain in Bike Racing will be a real challenge for gamers. Players control the main entity with the corresponding arrow signs:

  • UP arrow: move forward
  • DOWN arrow: move reverse, or brake
  • LEFT arrow: leans the center of gravity back
  • RIGHT arrow: leans the center of gravity forward

Bike Racing is not timed, so please maneuver calmly to get the best results.

The interestingness of other driving games

The different dangerous routes will be great options for gamers who are passionate about backpacking to experience through the computer screen. Explore the world of top driving games like Healing Diver and Burger Race.

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