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Clownfish Pin Out

Clownfish Pin Out

Help the little fish stay alive in Clownfish Pin Out by solving tricky puzzles and guiding water to the fish. Your mission is to complete each level by ensuring the fish is safe and happy!

In Clownfish Pin Out, your goal is to lead water to the fish, ensuring its survival. Use your mouse to play this game. Each level presents a series of pins that hold back various elements like water, acid, and sometimes enemies. Your task is to drag the pins in the correct order to release the water to the fish.

Think carefully before pulling the pins. Some pins deflect acid or adversaries that could hurt the fish. Use the acid strategically to eliminate foes, and use water to counteract it. Be cautious, as letting acid or adversaries to touch the fish will result in level failure. You may also face freezing impediments, which you can overcome by breaking them with water.

As you go through the stages, you will receive coins. These coins can be spent to unlock new characters, increasing the pleasure and variety of your gameplay experience.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.

Enjoy solving the puzzles while keeping the fish safe! For extra enjoyment, try Fishing in Sea, Fishing Frenzy 2, and enjoyment Fishing Frenzy. Have fun!

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