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Battle Fish

Battle Fish

Enter the exhilarating underwater realm of Battle Fish, where you have to guide your fish through formidable marine opponents to triumph. Are you able to take on the task and rule the ocean?

It is your goal to raise your fish to enormous proportions and then utilize its might to vanquish all enemies. To enlarge and turn your fish into a formidable combatant, click and hold on it. Show off your strength to entice hostile creatures to join your ranks. However, use caution—your fish will shrink if an enemy strikes while it is expanding. To win in this underwater battleground, strategically expand and launch an attack.

Success Tips: 

  • Inflate Wisely: To make your fish larger, hold down the mouse button. Your fish gets stronger the larger it gets.
  • Avoid Hits: Steer clear of opposing strikes as your fish is inflating, or it may contract.
  • Attack & Convert: After your fish reaches a certain size, defeat adversaries by taking them out. Some enemies must be hit several times before they become allies due to viral infections.
  • Strategic Growth: To preserve your size advantage, do not expand your fish while fighting.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to navigate and grow your fish.

Can you beat more than 30 levels and emerge as Battle Fish's greatest expert? Sign up now to learn more!  If you enjoy Battle Fish, don't miss out on other exciting games like Fish Feeding and Fish Resort. Have a fin-tastic time playing! Are you ready to rule the ocean? Play Battle Fish now and unleash your inner sea warrior!

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