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It Was All For The Tuna

It Was All For The Tuna

It Was All For The Tuna is a relaxing fishing simulation game where you play as a cat named Toro, tasked with catching as many tuna as possible to feed the entire Nekotuna. With vibrant graphics and simple yet engaging gameplay, this game promises hours of relaxing entertainment.

In It Was All For The Tuna, players take on the role of a fishing cat. Various fish species, each with its own value, swim freely in the water. Your goal is to catch these fish by aiming with your mouse, clicking, and holding the mouse button. When a fish is hooked, pull the rod towards you. Choosing the right angle is crucial for faster catches, but be mindful of your limited endurance. Sometimes, you'll need to loosen the rope to regain strength. Move your mouse to the back of your boat to expend energy while fishing, and move it towards your boat to restore stamina.

Accumulate resources to improve your boat's characteristics. A small map in the lower right corner of the screen shows the nearest villages and schools of fish. Target a village with your mouse, click and hold to move towards it. The upgrade menu opens when you're close enough to the village. Try to catch all the tuna and get all the upgrades! Can you find Godfin's elusive tuna?

How To Play

  • Click and hold the left mouse button

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