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Jumping Fish

Jumping Fish

While everyone enjoys seeing the stunning underwater scenery, your goal in Jumping Fish is to prevent the small fish from sliding into the sand! Are you nimble enough to assist them all without risk? Take part in this thrilling underwater adventure by signing up now!

You must first catch a fish, but as you go through the levels, more and more will require your assistance. The complexity of each level rises, testing your reflexes and coordination. Additional lives are represented by falling hearts, which you will also need to catch. You have more opportunities to finish each level the more lives you have.

You are in charge of crabs who are holding a big starfish in Jumping Fish. To save the fish, you must push them away from the star as they fall and strike the tall sponge. Preventing the fish from sinking into the sand is the aim. You gain points for saving fish, and the more fish you save, the closer you are to mastering Jumping Fish.

How To Play

  • Move the crabs with the mouse to bounce the fish.

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Join the fun and see if you have what it takes to keep the fish safe in Jumping Fish! Dive in now and start saving those fish from the sand.

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