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Angry Fish

Angry Fish

In Angry Fish, players face fierce and hungry enemies: a small group of chickens plotting to seize all the treasures of the underwater world. Join in to help the fish reclaim their treasure. Inspired by the famous game Angry Birds, Angry Fish offers simple yet highly engaging gameplay and beautiful graphics, promising hours of exciting entertainment.

In Angry Fish, sinister chickens have built strong defensive structures that the fish struggle to break through. The fish need your help to penetrate these defenses, reach the enemies, and reclaim what was stolen. Players are equipped with a powerful slingshot capable of launching small fish to hit and destroy solid defenses. Your task is to carefully align the trajectory of these fish to collide and break through where the chickens are. Each fish has a unique ability to overcome obstacles; understanding and using these abilities wisely is crucial. Progress is achieved by eliminating all the chickens on each map, which also unlocks new maps.

Additionally, there are bonuses in Angry Fish that players can capture for extra points. Each level introduces more interesting and complex missions. As you advance, you can make more shots and continue to enjoy this thrilling game. Battle your enemies to achieve your goals!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.

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