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Fish Resort

Fish Resort

Explore a beautiful underwater world at species Resort, where you may design and oversee your very own aquarium stocked with a wide variety of vivid species.

In Fish Resort, you can design your own aquarium filled with a variety of fish species and hues. You'll also get to feed your fish, give them medicine if they're sick, and generally take care of them to ensure their happiness and well-being. Contented fish provide you with wealth and stars, which you can use to upgrade your food, add more exotic species to your aquarium, and build it up. A big, hostile shark that wants to eat your fish is making unwanted visits, and your mission is to keep your fish healthy while avoiding him. Tap on the shark to chase it away and protect your aquatic friends.

You begin the game with a basic type of fish, but as you level up through star collection, you can unlock other ones. You can get stars by giving your fish the best care possible, attending to their requirements, and selling them when they get big enough to create way for new ones. When purchasing and viewing fish, use the fish menu and pay close attention to their dietary and medicinal needs. The store guarantees that your fish will always be satisfied with a wide range of food alternatives, from basic to gourmet.

Remember to click away to protect your fish and to keep a watch on the shark. Along the journey, gather stars and cash to improve your aquarium experience. Savor the excitement and difficulty of running your aquatic haven!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.

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