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Fish Story 3

Fish Story 3

Match-3 puzzle aficionados shouldn't miss Fish Story 3, the best game in the series. Set out on an undersea adventure where you'll have to solve challenging riddles, do daily tasks, and find secret treasures.

You will lead a mermaid through a number of difficult stages in Fish Story 3. Your objective is to finish each stage's requirements before you run out of moves. The challenge gets harder as you go along, necessitating strategic thought and meticulous planning at every turn.

In Fish Story 3, to get rid of the gems from the board and earn points, you must align three or more of the same hue. Every stage includes distinct goals, like gathering objects, destroying barriers, or taking out specific jewels. To obtain super gems, which can eliminate numerous gems and accelerate your progress, also combine more than three gems to form combinations. You can earn bonus points for completing the level with extra moves left over.

You will encounter obstacles on your quest, but you will also find goods that can aid you. To quickly get through the more difficult stages and earn great points, make good use of these power-ups.

With its engaging gameplay and increasing difficulty, Fish Story 3 will test your logic and strategy skills. Are you prepared to tackle the underwater puzzles and show off your abilities?

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.

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Dive into the fun with Fish Story 3 today and start your oceanic adventure!

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